The best way I can describe my relationship with skincare: It’s had it’s (flare) ups and downs. I was the teenager with flawless skin. I was also the new mom that suffered from pregnancy acne…twice. After the “mask of pregnancy” cleared up, I’d go years with few breakouts. Then, 2018 happened. I developed cystic acne. I changed my diet and actually stuck with a skincare regimen. My skin cleared after about six months. Now that I’m in the clear, I’ve been looking for new ways to continuously improve the appearance of my skin. Last November, I tried microneedling for the first time. It was very painful but I noticed that my skin looked brighter after a couple of weeks. No pain, no gain, right? I had lunch with Dr. Kristen Trulear Jackson late last year and we talked about everything from each of our connections to Nashville to Black millennials and Botox. I shared that I’ve noticed the deepening of my smile lines in recent years. She recommended that I try Microneedling with PRP (platelet-rich plasma). It’s a treatment that uses the blood’s platelets to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen production. It helps reduce dark spots, minimize pores and tighten and brighten the skin. A natural way to reduce my smile lines? Sign me up! Earlier this week, I headed to Renew Medspa in Waxhaw to try the PRP facial.

Soooo… How was it, girl?

When I think of a relaxing spa day or facial, getting my blood drawn does not come to mind. However, if you know me, then you know that I’m down to try most things at least once. Surprisingly, other than a few pokes, the treatment was virtually painless


To begin the two hour process, numbing cream was applied to my face. It sat for about 20 minutes during which time my blood was drawn.

Once the blood was collected, it was put into a machine to spin to separate the blood components.

The platelet-rich plasma (yellow) was then applied to my skin during microneedling.

Check out my Instagram Beauty highlight to watch videos of the process. As an add on, plasma was injected into my smile lines. Think of it as the natural version of Botox or fillers. Other than the obvious, the most significant difference between plasma injections and other types of injections is the time it takes to see results. With Botox and fillers, the injected areas are filled in immediately and gradually lose its effect over time. To maintain the desired outcomes, patients get treatments every six months or so. Plasma injections do not produce immediate visual results. Instead, the injected areas fill in over time. The best thing about plasma injections? They can be used for any part of your body. I was especially excited to learn that it’s been used to tighten “mommy pouches” and stretch marks as well as to regrow hair (y’all know my edges have been struggling. I’ll share more about that in my loc update post) in problem areas.

But Did You See Results Tho?

The million dollar question. The effects of PRP can be noticed within 3 weeks, but full collagen regeneration takes 3 months to occur. However, after the plasma injections in my smile lines, I noticed a difference immediately.

Is it just me or is there a difference? This is literally three minutes after the injections.

I was sent home with a plastic syringe (no needle attached lol) of my platelet-rich plasma. I applied it to my face and went to bed. The next day, I looked like I had a really bad sunburn. After 24 hours, my skin cleared up and I went back to my normal skincare routine.

I’ll update this post with progress and pictures in three weeks.

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