I started this post a week ago to give an update on my journey with loc extensions. Since that time, I’ve decided to have them removed.

In this post, I’ll share why I made the decision to remove them but also share things that I learned while wearing them.

It’s the best hair decision I’ve made…

I’m so glad that I tried loc extensions. I loved the look and the way they made me feel. I did so much research before the installation and never regretted the decision.

So why am I taking them out?

The reason I’m having the loc extensions removed is simple—I miss my damn edges. I love wearing my hair up or pulled back. I especially loved having a long full ponytail with my locs. Unfortunately, the stress from pulling my hair in tight ponytails was more than my edges could bear. Although locs are versatile, a part of me also missed changing my hair up frequently. (Shoutout to my friends that told me I’d miss the change up.)

I’m looking forward to growing my edges back and playing around with different styles. In the short term? I’ll probably wear wigs for awhile.

So yeah, after 5 months and a LOT of money, I’m having my locs removed.

But anyway… here’s the original post:

It was all good just a week ago….

It’s been 5 months since I decided to loc my hair. I decided to forgo the “ugly”‘stage and get loc extensions. Judge me. Regardless of how you start your locs, it’s a journey. For me, I thought I’d done enough research and knew exactly what I wanted. Wrong. In fact, almost everything that I thought this journey would be has been different.

Here’s 5 things I’ve discovered since beginning my journey:

No Maintenance. Says Who?!

Pre-locs, I hadn’t sat under a dryer in years.

I’ve been natural since 2013. I didn’t start wearing my natural hair out until 2016 and didn’t have a routine until 2018. I’d wash, deep condition and fingercoil my hair twice a month. I gave up on fighting shrinkage and moisturized my hair daily. I went to a salon MAYBE once a year. Maybe.

Now, I go to the salon every 4 weeks to have my hair washed and re-twisted. It’s about a two hour process. I can’t remember the last time I sat under a dryer prior to having locs. Initially, I didn’t wear a bonnet at night thinking that I couldn’t truly be carefree with locs. I began noticing lint in my locs so back to a scarf and bonnet it is.

I love wearing ponytails and my edges have suffered (aka disappeared). Now, I use scalp conditioner and Jamaican castor oil nightly to (hopefully) grow my edges back.

I have yet to wash my hair at home. In the summer months when I go swimming between appointments, I’ll have to wash it on my own. I’m not really looking forward to washing it on my own. I didn’t like washing my loose natural hair either.

I love my locs but they are actually the same amount of maintenance as my loose natural hair. Maintenance is more expensive due to monthly re-twists vs buying products occasionally and styling my loose natural hair at home.

You Think You Know But You Have No Idea

After months of research, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. I liked the earthy, natural look compared to the freshly twisted look. “I don’t wanna see my scalp” is what I told my loctician. I didn’t want my locs to grow past my shoulders and told her that I’d want them cut at each appointment.

Listen, everything I thought I wanted for my loc life has changed now that I have them. The natural look is amazing on some women. I just don’t like it as much on me as I thought that I would. I live for a fresh re-twist and try to preserve it for as long as I can. If it wouldn’t pull my hair out, I’d get them re-twisted every week. They are growing quickly and I’m excited to see how long they get. I’ve always worn my hair big and not long, but I’m open to see what bra strap length and beyond looks like on me.

I also said that I wouldn’t get color. I’ve seen pretty combinations of chocolate and blondes that I love. I’m waiting until I get bored with my hair before I color it. It’s still new and exciting right now.

I wanted larger locs based on the photos that I’d saved. However, I wish that I’d gotten them smaller. Over time, I can have my new growth split to create additional locs. I don’t know if I’ll do that or not.

My advice if you’re considering locs: Be open minded when you begin your journey because your preferences may change as you go along.

Locs Are Versatile

You can style locs in as many styles as loose natural hair. I was really excited to learn this because I used to change my hair all the time. When I told my friends and family that I was considering locs they all asked, “Aren’t you going to get bored tho?!”

For some reason, I’m the opposite of my loose natural self. I only want to wear my hair in ponytails. High buns, messy buns, middle pony’s, high side pony’s… you name it. Like I said earlier, ponytails have taken my edges out.

I’ve seen locs styled with pipe cleaner curls, in updos and two strand twists. For now, I don’t like those looks. When I go for re-twists I tell myself that I’ll try a style but I haven’t done it yet. I have listened to my loctician and stopped wearing ponytails.

I thought the versatility of locs was something that I’d enjoy of being a one trick “pony”. See what I did there?

I Thought My Beauty Routine Would Change

I thought that I’d over do it with makeup to balance my extreme naturalness. Then I thought I’d go full out “mother of the earth” to align with my locs. Now that I have locs, I’m like girl what?! For me, locs are a hairstyle. To some it’s deeper than that and include lifestyle changes. For me, it didn’t. I’m still me, just with a different hairstyle.

I don’t wear more or less makeup than I did before. That thought goes back to the months of research, fantasizing and anazlying what my loc journey would look like.

What’s Next?

I’m looking through old pics and videos of hairstyles that I’ve worn over the years. I love my hair patted down the middle in a low bun. I love super big hair but I also love my hair when it’s fingercoiled and tight. I’m not looking forward to #washday but hey, it comes with the territory of this new… journey.

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